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We Are Bleumi

Bleumi Inc. is a global blockchain products and services firm with headquarters in Andover, MA, USA. Our focus is on end to end blockchain services, from consulting to implementing and managing scalable and secure blockchain solutions to provide a competitive edge to our customers.
Our engineering team pioneers in blockchain technology (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar, etc) and its adaptations. We design and developed a blockchain powered marketplace to exchange funds, assets, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman using Smart Contracts.

Our Services

What We Can Do

Bleumi excels in class-leading blockchain services and solutions. Some of our many offerings are,
Blockchain Consulting
Expert advice on successful integration of Blockchain technology into your business to maximise potential.
Smart Contract Development
Unparalleled Smart Contract Development to Automate and Optimise all your business contracts.
POC Development
Have a use case in mind? Tap into our extensive experience in Blockchain R&D for optimised results.
Cryptocurrency Development
Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Development services for your very own Cryptocurrency.
Private Blockchain Development
Deploy a Private, Permissioned or Consortium Blockchain Network for your business.
Smart Contract Security Audits
Extensive audits by our in house experts to guarantee error free smart contracts.
Our Products

Our Blockchain Solutions


Our blockchain powered marketplace is fully customisable to your business needs. BlockMyTalent.com, an implementation of our blockchain powered marketplace, enables clients and freelancers from all over the world to get projects done effectively with Smart Contracts as well as to execute Quick and Secure Global Payments with ease using Ethereum or Stablecoins for a low fee.

MultiSig Wallet

Whether to facilitate a simple trade between a buyer and seller or to facilitate the management of complex funds, assets, shares, or anything of value, our MultiSig Wallet reduces the risk of misappropriation, hacking/malware by requiring majority of owners to authorise a business transaction thus aiding accountability and building trust between stakeholders.

Referral Program

Our Smart Contract based referral solution secured by Oraclize, enables end users to earn and withdraw Crypto referral bonuses directly to their preferred exchanges (Coinbase, Gemini and Kraken to name a few). Businesses can customize commission percentages for various payments, enable end users to change their withdrawal address amongst other features.

Use Cases

Blockchain Makes Everything Better


Through Blockchain, Banks can transfer funds all over the world effortlessly. This also includes instantaneous transaction of funds globally and is also cost effective and reliable.


From tracking statuses of product whereabouts to documenting transaction, product sale history by recording it onto the ledger, Blockchain helps reduce time and effort like never before.


Blockchain is a game changer in the Healthcare segment as it stores tamper proof and complete medical history of the patients resulting in better treatment and diagnoses of patients.


With a potential to enable prospective employers to verify the authenticity of the employee’s educational credentials, Blockchain provided all the data without compromising the privacy of the graduates.


Through the effective power of Blockchain, Insurance claims can be processed faster thus eliminating cost and time. This also helps relevant record keeping and the occasional insurance theft at check.


From making evidence record blockchains, to enabling secure information sharing and also making law enforcement records immutable, Blockchain provides end to end security for data.

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Our Team

We Epitomize Aspiration

John Melvin

John has over 6 years of experience working with Fortune 500 Clients (USA) in Software Development and Retail Domain during which he has successfully Led, Designed, Developed and Delivered Highly Available and Scalable Software Solutions.

Thomas Arul

Thomas was the Co-Founder/Managing Partner of Expicient Inc. Expicient had over $150 million in Sales the past decade and was acquired by Publicis Groupe a French multinational advertising and public relations company.

Karthic K Krisnakumar

Karthic has over six years of experience working with small to medium businesses in the software development domain, primarily focused on Cloud Optimized Solutions and web application development.

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