Cookie Policy

Dated: February 01, 2019

This website uses cookies to provide you with services and to comply with legal obligations. We also use cookies to analyse the traffic on our site. Some cookies are placed by third-party processors, a list of such entities are mentioned below in this policy.

Cookies are small text files that are used by a website for various purposes.

Certain cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the site and must be enabled at all times. Non-essential cookies (e.g. Analytics, Performance tracking, etc) can be disabled should you choose to do so.nnTo ensure you are not tracked, we recommend one of the following:
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  • Set your browser to accept 3rd party cookies, and then opt out as normal. This will also ensure we do not track your data.

Cookie declaration last updated on : February 1, 2019


We DO NOT use or sell the information gathered from the following processors below for any marketing purpose. The third party cookies are listed below.
  • Google Analytics – We use Google Analytics to monitor the website traffic. This helps us diagnose errors and optimize the site based on traffic flow.